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UPDATE: More than 40 treated for minor injuries after Delta fuel dump near playground, other schools

A Delta Air Lines jet made an emergency fuel dump over a southern California school playground. The incident happened on Jan. 14, 2020. Delta flight 89 was bound for Shanghai after taking off from Los Angeles. Shortly after takeoff, the pilots reported engine failure. After making an emergency fuel dump, it returned safely to Los Angeles International Airport. More than 40 people, including schoolchildren, reported minor injuries and discomfort. The FAA is investigating.

Shanghai-bound jet reported engine failure after takeoff in Los Angeles

More than 40 people complained of minor injuries after a Delta Air Lines flight reportedly made an emergency fuel dump Tuesday near a school playground near Los Angeles, according to MSNBC.

Delta Flight 89 was en route from Los Angeles to Shanghai when it reported engine failure, made an emergency fuel dump and then returned safely to Los Angeles International Airport, according to reports.

Los Angeles County fire officials responded to Park Avenue Elementary School in Cudahy, California, related to the airliner’s fuel dump. At least 17 students and nine adults reportedly were treated there.

The FAA is looking into reports that children are being treated for fuel exposure and the airplane’s procedure for dumping fuel.

Here is the statement from Delta:

Besides the Cudahy elementary school, Ninety-Third Street Elementary School in Los Angeles and Jordan High School in Long Beach also were affected by the fuel dump, according to police and emergency responders. No students were transported from those sites.

Tribune News Service contributed to this report.