Fayette’s Pinewood Studios changes name to Trilith Studios

Fayette County’s Pinewood Studios, the home of such blockbusters as “Black Panther,” “Avengers: Endgame,” and “Ant Man,” has been renamed Trilith Studios.

The new moniker, which the company rolled out Wednesday morning, is part of the business’ plans to broaden its scope to go beyond movies and get into television and technology. That includes producing for streaming giants such as Netflix and Amazon and getting behind international shows as England’s “Moon and Me.”

“The way consumers are consuming product, it created a situation where we have so much demand for the production of new content and so much demand for new talent, that we decided three years ago to expand our business from a pure facilities business to start investing in content companies and technologies companies,” Frank Patterson, president and CEO of Trilith, said Monday.

The move comes more than a year after the owner of the Fayette County studio, River Rock Holdings, bought out Pinewood’s share of the business, though it kept Pinewood’s legendary name and shared some marketing operations.

The change also includes rebranding the neighboring 235-acre mixed-use development known as Pinewood Forest under the Trilith name, the company said. That project will be enveloped into a larger 900-acre master plan that includes the studio, technology businesses, a micro-school, theater, hotels and other amenities.

“We’re becoming one large place for creativity,” said Rob Parker, who has overseen the development of the formerly named Pinewood Forest as president of Trilith Development, LLC.

Trilith was chosen as the new name to continue its association with its English roots, Patterson said. As a company built on three businesses -- facilities, content and technology -- leaders were reminded of Stonehenge and the trilith design of two standing stones topped by a third stone.

“So we went from a one pillar company of purpose-built facilities to a three-pillar company where we focus on story content and technology,” Patterson said.