Cobb and Douglas county public pool inspections for summer 2017

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's searchable databases of inspection data for swimming pools in Cobb and Douglas counties goes back to 2012, and it includes public pools and public facilities such as the county-operated Sewell Mill Park in East Cobb, pictured at left. Search for your local neighborhood public pool and see how your county health department inspectors ruled on it. (Want to see inspections for public pools in Clayton, Gwinnett, DeKalb or Fulton counties? We've got those too. See our searchable databases for Atlanta metro-area counties at this link. And be sure to check out the AJC's 2015 investigation into how some public pools repeatedly fail inspections.) 

Photo: Nadiya Ward, then 7, at Sewell Mill Park in this AJC photo. ANDY SHARP/AJC.