Multiple food safety violations at Everyday Hibachi & Wings

Everyday Hibachi & Wings in Lawrenceville failed a recent routine health inspection with multiple violations in food safety, including cold-holding temperatures and food separation.

Several foods in a cooler were well above safe temperatures. Uncooked shrimp and steak, and some cheese, were among the items discarded.

Also discarded was homemade teriyaki sauce. The sauce was cooling at room temperature in a large pot with a lid. Because of the cooling method, the sauce did not cool within the time allotted for food safety.

In other violations, some foods were incorrectly stored in coolers. For example, raw fish was above French fries, and raw shrimp was above bread in the freezer. In addition, raw eggs were above coleslaw in a prep cooler.

Drink nozzles had significant black mold-like buildup, the inspector said. Vent hoods above fryers and the grills had substantial grease buildup. Grease was dripping down the back wall.

Everyday Hibachi & Wings, 4735 Sugarloaf Parkway, Lawrenceville, scored 59/U, down from a previous score of 85/B earned last year. It will be re-inspected.