Living with intention gym serves those in need

A part of who we are is about making space in our lives by helping others and there is a multitude of ways to serve.

Meet Wilson Washington III, a Marine veteran, raised by his parents with the understanding of family first.

Signing up at the age of 17 Washington’s dream career and retirement vision, unfortunately, ended with a medical separation but it did not sway his mindset.

The pursuit to find “his way” led him to Jackson State University where he earned his degree in English. Like his father, he pledged Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, Inc.

“Three things from Alpha that the foundation is established on is manly deeds, scholarship and love for all mankind,” the Marine vet said. “Employing that into my life, my mother and father have always, always given back. They have always wanted to be involved in helping out.

“It’s always been something that we have done so I’ve just always made it a core of myself because I’ve always believed that the journey of life isn’t about what you accomplish, but it’s about the relationships that you build and the people that you affect,” he stated.

Working full-time as a financial advisor for J.P. Morgan and at L.A. Fitness as a personal trainer in the evenings eventually led him to Orangetheory Fitness. Five years later he went out on his own with one-on-one private and park group sessions.

His drive to encourage, lead and lift up others unlocked another gateway for him. In June 2020 the doors of his Kennesaw gym, tRUCKFIT, opened.

However, this is not your ordinary gym. Nor is the owner or its members that Wilson considers family. It stretches beyond the classes, equipment and outside the walls into the lives of others in need.

“Every month we have specific initiatives that we go after,” said Washington. “One of them being a community involvement, another an event with the family of the members here and then we have specific workouts throughout the month.”

From food drives, dancing for MUST Ministries DWTS fundraiser, a cleanup in Acworth on Cowan Road, Habitat, partnering with Simple Needs (hygiene kits), Neverthirst, Touch-a-Truck Kennesaw and adopting a family last Christmas through Encompass Ministries are among the approximate 17 monthly community services or fundraising activities Washington, his family – both personal and gym - have participated in.

“I have always wanted to empower people through fitness in order to take charge of their day, but ultimately take charge of their lives because I think that fitness permeates a lot of different realms of our life other than just the physical,” the trainer said. “I think that moreover is what I truly seek to achieve is to make people feel that other things are possible.”

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