Lawrenceville approves changes to solid waste ordinance, fees to come

The Lawrenceville City Council recently approved updates to the Solid Waste Ordinance. The changes include a fee structure for both residential trash/recycle collection and commercial dumpster collection.

Beginning January 2022, residential customers will be charged $10/month with the rate increasing to $20/month in 2023. The city is also implementing a 50% senior discount for residential customers who request the discount.

Commercial dumpster customers will see a 10% increase in fees in January 2022, bringing the cost to $100.00 per month/per dumpster. In 2023, commercial customers will pay $115.50 per month/per dumpster. Dumpsters are serviced once a week.

The updated fee structure aligns with the city’s FY2022 budget approval meetings on May 12 and May 24.