Broken cooler affects health score at La Parrilla Fayetteville

La Parrilla Mexican Restaurant in Fayetteville scored 61/U on a recent routine health inspection because one of its coolers was not working.

Due to the potential risk of food-borne illnesses, the inspector asked the restaurant to close until the walk-in cooler is repaired. However, management opted to remain open.

That evening, the repair service arrived to fix the malfunctioning cooler and have the others evaluated.

Large quantities of food in the walk-in cooler were out of the safe temperature range. Steak, shrimp, chicken, tilapia, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes were discarded.

In other violations, an employee handled raw beef with gloved hands, then changed gloves to work with ready-to-eat foods but never washed their hands. Other employees were preparing food while wearing jewelry on their hands and wrists. Employee drinks were also in the kitchen area.

The hand sink did not have any cleanser, and wet wiping cloths were on counters throughout the kitchen.

La Parrilla, 94 Pavilion Parkway, Fayetteville, will not have a follow-up inspection. Its previous score was 100/A.