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10 Festive Holiday-Themed World Records. 10. The record for the tallest stack of Hanukkah donuts was set in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 2018. Members of the Jewish Life Center stacked more than 3,100 donuts. 9. The record for the most snowmen created in an hour was set in Akabira, Hokkaido, Japan, in 2015. 1,400 people created 2,036 snowmen to set the record. 8. The record for the most expensive dreidel was set in Manalapan, Florida, in 2015. Created by Pedro Maldonado, the dreidel is worth $

When you need to entertain everyone or just grab some holiday spirit, where do you go?

Family is visiting. Kids are out of school. You need to get out of the house.

Atlanta is full of things to do this holiday season — from light shows to puppet shows.

Some are free, like PRISM: Winter Lights at Woodruff Park, and others come with a price tag, like Santa's Fantastical.

Our Atlanta Winter Guide is full of suggestions for places to go, gifts to give and food to make.

This week’s Best of Atlanta poll wants to know: When you need an activity to entertain everyone, where do you go?


Don't see your favorite on our list? Submit a write-in nominee by emailing your pick to If enough people suggest your favorite, we'll add it to our poll.

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