Moving? Prep, protect modern conveniences

We live in a world filled with modern conveniences and ever-changing technology.

Our clothes are washed and dried in front loading machines, and we watch TVs that produce the most astounding pictures.

But such modern conveniences can also produce headaches during a move if a homeowner doesn’t give these items special consideration.

Let’s start with that new front load washer. There is something your appliance salesperson may have failed to mention or perhaps does not even know about. It has to do with transporting mechanical equipment.

Most new front load washers are shipped from the manufacturer with as many as four shipping bolts in the back of the machine that stabilize the drum. If you transport a front load washer without the shipping bolts, you can do costly damage to the machine. Shipping bolts are about as long as the average-sized ink pen and have a plastic shroud around the bolt. When your new machine gets delivered, make certain the bolts are in place and that you keep them once the unit is installed. When that big move comes up, one thing that you won’t have to do is locate or purchase new bolts.

The other popular trend in modern conveniences is upgrading the TV to LCD, LED or plasma units.

These TVs are lighter in weight than the older tube TV or a big screen TV of the past 20 years, but they are not as robust and are more subject to damage if not handled very carefully. In this regard, it is best to keep the original carton that your TV came in. If that isn’t an option, a padded crate can be built or rented to fully protect your TV while it is being moved.

Moving can be stressful, but the level of stress experienced during a move can be lessened if a little bit of time is invested in learning about the process and requirements for moving household items.

With a bit of prep, your modern conveniences will remain perfectly intact.

-- Orlando Lynch is a president and CEO of Atlanta Peach Movers, www.atlpeachmovers. com

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