Five stylish recycling containers for the home

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Whether your recycling is collected curbside or you drop it off at a center, you need bins to hold all the cans, bottles, paper and other items you are saving to help the environment.

“It’s the norm now. Everyone wants that,” said Atlanta Wood Joiners owner Mitch Gant, who often includes space for recycling containers in plans for clients’ kitchens.

Most people need two to four bins for recyclables, he said, especially if you’re required to sort the items (you will need to check with your city or county).

Before purchasing the containers, though, there are some important steps to take to create a recycling area in your home. The Container Store recommends:

• Determine what to recycle.

Newspapers, glass, plastic and metal are most common. Once you find out what items your local trash service or recycling center takes, you can determine the number and size of containers you need.

• Locate a place to recycle.

Convenient spots include in or near the kitchen, the laundry room or a hallway between the kitchen and garage.

• Set up a system for sorting.

If you are sorting recyclables, color code, label or put photos on the containers. Making it simple also can help your kids take part in the process.

Whether you are putting your recycling out in the open or are setting aside space inside a cabinet or behind a door, here are five stylish recycling containers:

Eco Cocoon Trash Cans

These pliable trash cans, made from recycled polypropylene and rubber, can be molded to fit into a cabinet or pull out drawer. The elliptical shape of the green, black and white cans are an interesting design compared with your standard trash can. $9.99-$19.99, the Container Store.

Suncast Recycle Bin Kit

If you’re short on space, stack these colorful recycle bins, which come with lids. Assign different recyclables, such as paper, glass and plastics, to each color. The 18-gallon bins also have handles so you can carry them to the curb or a recycling center. $39.97-$69.99, Target, Home Depot, Walmart,

Simple Human Fingerprint-Proof Rectangular Recycler

To keep with a kitchen’s stainless steel look, stash your recyclables in this container, with blue and black buckets that separate items. $179.99. If stainless steel doesn’t matter to you but you still want to keep a clean look in your kitchen, Simple Human also has a pull-out recycler that can be installed in a cabinet and has two buckets. $69.96, Bed, Bath & Beyond, the Container Store, Lowe’s.

Ikea Knodd Bin

These cans, made of galvanized steel, hold all types of trash, including cans and bottles destined for recycling centers. The colorful 11-gallon buckets come with lids. $24.99, Ikea.

Horizon Rectangular Crunch Can

Umbra makes storage items for the home, dorm, office and elsewhere, so this crunch can is versatile enough to be used for recycling, too. When you don’t need it, it can be crunched flat, then pop it open. The crunch can, made of canvas, comes in blue, pink, green and yellow. $19.99,, the Container Store.

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