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Why didn't someone tell me there's a job called 'Disney nurse'?

Disney Parks Has a Ban on Adults Wearing Costumes.

There's a job called "Disney nurse"? That brings up all kinds of questions. The first is probably, "Why didn't someone tell me this before I took a different job?" But once you've gotten past that inadvertent betrayal, there are serious questions about nursing for The Mouse, and here are the answers:

Can Disney nurses go to Disney World and Disneyland for free?

While this isn't explicitly stated anywhere on the Disney careers site, nurses are probably among the employees who "receive free entrance to theme parks around the world and discounts on hotels and merchandise," according to Nurse.org coverage.

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Do they work in costume? 

Nurses don't dress as Disney characters, no. But they work alongside character actors and sometimes call on them to swing by to interact with an ailing guest.

"I don't know of any other type of nursing specialty you can work and be able to have Mickey Mouse or a princess come by to make an ill guest feel better. Disney nurses understand the magic and do everything they can to provide it for our guests," Melissa Britt, manager for media/external communications public affairs, Disneyland Resort told Nurse.org.

How much do Disney nurses make?

While the company itself doesn't reveal salary ranges, according to Paysa, which based its results on fewer than 20 profiles, a registered nurse at Walt Disney World earns an average of $61,624.

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What are the job duties?

According to a recent LinkedIn Walt Disney World seasonal opening (that was filled with lightning speed) for registered nurse, some of the duties include being able to "provide exceptional service and service recovery to guests who seek out First Aid services and assistance. When appropriate, and based on the assessment of the guest's situation, refer guests for higher care such as a local urgent clinic and/or emergency services." They may have particularly urgent duties with parades and fireworks.

The jobs also require weekend and holiday work and occasional overtime. Nurses at Disney need "to have physical strength and stamina, the ability to move around freely, and the ability to see, hear and communicate well with guests and cast. Working conditions require standing for long periods of time. Frequent walking and lifting, squatting, pushing, pulling or carrying heavy objects throughout the shift. Must be able to lift and carry up to 25 pounds. Frequent bending, stretching or twisting of the body. Frequent use of hands to handle, control, or feel objects, tools, or controls. A nurse needs physical strength and ability to kneel/squat to complete emergency procedures such as CPR."

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Is the cost of living near Disney expensive for nurses?

According to Britt, there are Disney nurse positions at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, and at Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disney Resort, Hong Kong Disneyland and Shanghai Disney Resort. So yes, all these places are expensive for renters and potential home buyers. Most Georgia or metro Atlanta nurses would need to make a higher salary to move to any of those cities and still have a comfortable lifestyle.

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