4 things to do on your lunch break in metro Atlanta to lose weight

Pink Barre is a great way to get toned during your lunch hour.

Pink Barre is a great way to get toned during your lunch hour.

Making time for health and fitness doesn't come easy, but many people overlook the midday opportunity that comes with a good long lunch. Try these four ways to use your lunch break to stay fit.

Take a barre class

It's tough to fit in a full cardio workout at noon without budgeting time to shower, too, but barre classes can sculpt your muscles in 55 minutes without leaving you sweat-soaked. Make no mistake: Just because this popular ballet-based workout doesn't leave attendees dripping doesn't mean it isn't effective. Devotees of the workout rave about toned results and a supportive community at many studio chains. Try nationally known favorite Pure Barre or local chain Pink Barre to get an extra shake on your lunch break.

Ditch your wheels

Scope out the neighborhood around the office and opt for a restaurant that's just far enough that you have time to walk there, pick up lunch, and walk back. Looking for time to catch up with a friend? Instead of planning a long chat over lunch, opt to catch up on during a walk around the neighborhood.

Just get up from your desk

According to Huffington Post, chowing down in front of the computer can lead to increased food consumption. Even if you didn't pack your healthiest lunch, getting up and eating in the break room or outside can lead to more mindful eating and make an average meal feel more satisfying.

Take a nap

No, you don't need to pack a sleeping bag along with your laptop and lunch, but according to WebMD, lack of sleep can lead even the most astute dieters off the rails. Your hunger hormones and fullness hormones can get all out of whack when you don't pack in enough rest, so treat yourself to a midday nap once in a while. Spas like midtown's Rejuvenate offer napping pods for a small fee, allowing sleepy patrons to catch some shut-eye in peace.