Cookie dough shots find following at Detroit coffee shop

They may never replace Jell-O shots, whiskey shots or espresso shots. But the cookie dough shots at the Roasting Plant coffee shop in downtown Detroit are a hit with customers.

The uncooked dough balls, studded with chunks of dark chocolate, are sold in shot-glass-sized plastic cups in a cooler in front of the shop’s cash registers. Managers Kristen Wing and Hannah St. Onge say the dough shots are not only good sellers, they’re good conversation starters.

“People think they’re really cool,” says Wing. Some ask if they contain booze; others ask if they’re laced with coffee. But their name — clearly a good marketing gimmick — refers only to their size.

The Roasting Plant bakes its own sweets, from bars and cakes to cookies. “The cookie dough is the same as the cookies, except it’s made with pasteurized eggs so it won’t make you sick,” Wing says.

The USDA warns consumers, especially pregnant women and children and those with poor immune systems, against consuming foods with raw or partially cooked eggs because of the risk of salmonella.

The Roasting Plant sells its small cookie dough shots, the equivalent of half a cookie, for $1.49. Large ones, equal to a whole cookie, are $2.49.