Celebrating Nurses: Support Georgia’s health care workers by keeping them cozy on their feet

$10 will send a pair of Kentwool socks to health care workers in local hospitals

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Local health care professionals have been working tirelessly over the previous several weeks to keep Georgians healthy and help them recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

Now, as part of the AJC's annual Celebrating Nurses initiative, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is partnering with wool and high-performance sock manufacturing company Kentwool to send socks to health care professionals on the front lines of the crisis.

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Through May 31, you can spend $10 to send a pair of what Kentwool touts as the "world's best sock" to nurses and other health care workers in local hospitals. The socks will be delivered that same month. 

To purchase a pair of socks for a local health care workers, follow the link here.

The AJC is launching this drive as part its longstanding Celebrating Nurses awards. Every year, hundreds of Georgia nurses are nominated for Celebrating Nurses, and the paper honors 10 of those nurses for going above and beyond in their work for patients and the community. The event is normally held during Nurses Week in early May; however, this year the event will be delayed until the fall due to social distancing rules in place because of the COVID-19 outbreak. A special print section celebrating the honorees will be distributed in the Sunday May 3 Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The AJC continues to work with local health care companies as a partner to make sure that nurses are recognized and celebrated during these trying times.

“We know you are living under an extraordinary set of circumstances and want to first say we are thinking of everyone in the health care community,” Stacey Blair, head of AJC's Celebrating Nurses, said. “We know that your attention is first and foremost on taking care of your employees, patients and your loved ones at home. Thank you on behalf of us all.”

Kentwool has been manufacturing wool for more than 175 years, but it wasn’t until the 21st century that their socks came to be.

After former CEO Mark Kent got to his eighteenth hole at the BMW Charity Pro-Am in 2008 — blistered feet and all — it dawned on him to ask his caddy, “Why doesn't anyone make a better golf sock?”

After the caddy suggested he make one through Kentwool, the sock was launched in 2009. The antimicrobial, ultra-cushioned, moisture-wicking material make them perfect for bringing comfort to people who are on their feet all day long — including the nurses doing just that today.