Young Thug sues apartment complex for swiped bag with $40K, $94K in jewelry and 20 unreleased songs

He claims the value of the belongings exceeds $1 million.
Atlanta rapper Young Thug has filed a suit against a local apartment complex.

Credit: Bennett Raglin

Credit: Bennett Raglin

Atlanta rapper Young Thug has filed a suit against a local apartment complex.

Atlanta’s Young Thug filed a lawsuit suing an apartment management company and the concierge service for a swiped bag that he claimed had $40,000 in cash, jewelry worth $94,000 and 20 unreleased songs.

The lawsuit, filed last week in the superior court of Gwinnett County, said Young Thug (AKA Jeffery Williams) had returned to his home at Trace Apartments in Midtown on Nov. 1, 2020, and accidentally left a Louis Vuitton bag beside his vehicle. A resident reported the bag to Lillie Bouie, an employee with The Trace’s concierge service.

According to the lawsuit, Bouie got the bag and placed it in a secure location and informed Young Thug that they would hold the bag until he retrieved it. She left a note instructing the concierge staff to inform her when they released the bag so she would know it was going to the right person.

But another employee LaToya Guest gave the bag to an unknown person, the lawsuit said, and did not notify Bouie she had done so. Young Thug does not know who picked up the bag and has not seen it since.

The 30-year-old rap star said the bag included a diamond-encrusted watch worth $57,000 and a chain with inset diamonds worth $37,000.

The lawsuit said the apartment complex’s owner JLB Peachtree and the concierge company Pegasus Residential did not follow proper procedures to protect his property. Representatives for both companies did not respond to inquiries about the lawsuit.

He is seeking the value of his property as well as attorney’s fees.

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