‘Love & Listings’ creators shopping Atlanta real estate reality show ‘Hollywood of the South’

The new VH1 show "Hollywood of the South. Courtesy of VH1

Credit: VH1

Credit: VH1

The new VH1 show "Hollywood of the South. Courtesy of VH1

UPDATE: This story originally posted with inaccurate information. The “Hollywood of the South” show had not been committed to VH1. The creators of the concept have an existing show on VH1. I misinterpreted the original press release. The first sentence of the press release, from 404 Communications, read like this: VH1′s “Love & Listings” creators have been greenlit to start production on a new reality show featuring celebrity real estate professionals in Atlanta.”

A production company is pitching a new reality show based in Atlanta, tentatively called “Hollywood of the South.” The show comes from the creators of “Love & Listings” on VH1.

The new show, which has not been committed to a network or streaming service just yet, will showcase luxury real estate agents buying and selling fancy estates in metro Atlanta to wealthy and often famous clientele.

Tai Savet and Sean Matthews, who created “Love & Listings,” are executive producers.

“The real estate market in Atlanta is booming,” Matthews said. “The market in L.A. has become so overpriced that it’s almost irrational for some of my luxury clients to continue to purchase properties here.”

Atlanta, he noted, is still far cheaper than Los Angeles and provides the rich more purchasing power.

They have recruited Jimmy Jones, Tahlia Diaz, Sarah Rowe and Trey Williams to be on the show. Diaz and Rowe have been on a previous show on WE-TV “Selling in the ATL” from 2016.

“As a producer, I don’t feel the story of Atlanta real estate has been told properly,” Savet said. “I want to showcase agents who are really making a difference, their grind to the top and how they give back to their local communities.”

Other real estate shows that have shot in Atlanta include HGTV’s “Flip or Flop Atlanta” (2017-18), “Flipping Virgins” (2015-2017) and “Property Virgins.”