Two Marvel projects coming to Georgia: Don Cheadle’s ‘Armor Wars’ and Disney+’s ‘Wonder Man’

Credit: MARVEL

Credit: MARVEL

The two latest Marvel projects set to start up this spring in Georgia are a Don Cheadle-led film called “Armor Wars” and a new Disney+ series “Wonder Man.”

Cheadle, who plays James “Rhodey” Rhodes in “Iron Man 2,” will get his own movie as War Machine. The official description: “Tony Stark’s worst fear coming true: what happens when his tech falls into the wrong hands. Stark discovers that someone has been stealing his Iron Man tech and selling it to supervillains. He decides he must do whatever it takes to reacquire — or destroy — the stolen tech.”

This was originally going to be a series but was converted to a movie for future theatrical release, according to Hollywood Reporter. said “Armor Wars” is scheduled to be in production in Georgia from April 3 to Aug. 4 of this year.

As for “Wonder Man,” which was first announced last June, Marvel executive Stephen Broussard told about the Disney+ series starring Yahya Abdul-Mateen (who was in two “Aquaman” movies) as Simon Williams.

“[Wonder Man will] be definitely influenced by the comics. One of the things that we’re excited about it is that it’s going to feel very unique. It’s not going to feel like anything you’ve quite seen in the MCU before,” Broussard said. “And the kind of stories we can tell on Disney+, which has been fun. Like streaming, serialized storytelling is a totally different muscle. So, we’re having a blast making that one.” has “Wonder Man” scheduled to begin April 3, same day as “Armor Wars.”

The description of that series on “Hollywood actor Simon Williams is thrust into the world of superheroes as he gets powers of his own, and becomes the new superhero Wonder Man.”

Most Marvel productions are based out of Trilith Studios in Fayetteville in metro Atlanta.

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