TV best bets with ‘Sopranos’ prequel, Jimmy Carter, Britney Spears, Jon Stewart, Kristen Bell, Jake Gyllenhaal

Owen Wilson hosts the return of ‘Saturday Night Live’ for its 47th season

HBO Max is bringing back “The Sopranos” in the form of a prequel, “The Many Saints of Newark” set in the 1970s and considered an “origin” story of Tony Soprano.

Netflix tackles the Britney Spears controversy with its documentary “Britney vs. Spears” Tuesday and on Friday releases the tense thriller “The Guilty” starring Jake Gyllenhaal.

The two local PBS stations GPB and PBA both release a Jimmy Carter bio as part of the “In Their Own Words” series Tuesday.

AppleTV+ debuts a new weekly Jon Stewart talk show six years after he left “The Daily Show” Thursday.

On Paramount+, Kristen Bell stars in a film about a desperate coupon cutter “Queenpins.”

Peacock Thursday features singer Demi Lovato, Lovato’s sister and friend investigating UFOs and other paranormal activities in “Unidentified with Demi Lovato.”

This is week two for broadcast TV’s new fall season with a few shows returning like “The Good Doctor” on ABC Monday, “Grey’s Anatomy” Thursday and CBS shows “S.W.A.T.,” “Magnum P.I.” and “Blue Bloods” on Friday. “Saturday Night Live” also comes back Saturday for its 47th season featuring Owen Wilson as host.

NBC also introduces a new mystery show called “La Brea” Tuesday in which the Los Angeles pit turns into a massive sinkhole where residents land in another world. And in the name of synergy, ABC celebrates 50 years of Walt Disney World on Friday.

Showtime concludes the fifth season of “Billions” Sunday at the same time as TNT finishes the fifth season of “Animal Kingdom.”

This covers Monday, Sept. 27, through Sunday, Oct. 3, 2021.


“Y: The Last Man” 12:01 a.m. Hulu on FX — Yorick and Agent 355 search for Dr. Allison Mann in war-torn Boston.

“9-1-1″ 8 p.m. Fox — The 118 springs into action when a citywide blackout and a record heatwave cause mayhem in Los Angeles.

“Dancing With the Stars” 8 p.m. ABC — Will Martin Kove, after getting by far the lowest score last week, be the first one eliminated?

“The Neighborhood” 8 p.m. CBS — When a community member’s behavior becomes increasingly erratic, Calvin and Dave step up to help.

“The Big Leap” 9 p.m. Fox — With auditions beginning for the three lead roles — the White Swan, the Black Swan and the Prince — tensions begin to rise as the contestants all vie for the same parts.

“NCIS” 9 p.m. CBS — While trying to find the serial killer Gibbs was after, the NCIS team discovers another person has been tracking the case as well.

“NCIS: Hawaii” 10 p.m. CBS — Tennant and NCIS must take down a notorious team of international thieves using WWII explosives on armored trucks before they complete their final big job and disappear.

“Ordinary Joe” 10 p.m. NBC — With the anniversary of 9/11 approaching, all three Joes grapple with the emotions that come with the day.

“The Good Doctor″ 10 p.m. ABC (fifth season debut) — Shaun and Lea’s upcoming engagement party has everyone in a festive mood after their return from Guatemala.


“Only Murders in the Building” 12:01 a.m. Hulu — As the investigation scratches at a web of old crimes that originated inside the building, a mysterious young man turns the tables and spies on Charles, Oliver and Mabel.

“Britney vs. Spears” 3:01 a.m. Netflix — Journalist Jenny Eliscu and filmmaker Erin Lee Carr investigate Britney Spears’ fight for freedom by way of exclusive interviews and confidential evidence.

“Attack of the Hollywood Clichés” 3:01 a.m. Netflix — One-man armies, meet-cutes, casual strolls away from huge explosions — stars and industry insiders toast and roast these cinematic chestnuts and more.

“Destination Porto The Unimaginable Journey” 3:01 a.m. Paramount+ — Follow award-winning soccer journalist Guillem Belagué as he travels through a locked-down Europe during the COVID pandemic to witness matches played in uncharacteristically empty stadiums and meet with supporters who have dealt with both disease and economic despair.

“FBI” 8 p.m. CBS — Maggie, OA and the team must stop a hacker who is disabling life-saving equipment in several New York City hospitals, while demanding a full investigation into the recently deceased patients.

“In Their Own Words” 8 p.m. GPB ― A revealing new look at the life of former President Jimmy Carter, guided by the fresh perspectives of those closest to him throughout his life.

“The Resident” 8 p.m. Fox — When one of the doctors is found unconscious in an elevator at Chastain, the staff frantically retraces his steps to figure out the cause.

“Queen Sugar” 8 p.m. OWN — Gayle King interviews Charley, Nova and Billie to discuss the past, and Hollywood bonds with Gabriel.

“Vanderpump Rules” 9 p.m. Bravo (ninth season debut) — Scheana and Lala attempt to mend their friendship after an explosive public feud, while James must answer to Lisa Vanderpump for lashing out at her son.

“FBI: International” 9 p.m. CBS — The International Fly Team is called on when a young mother flees to Hungary with her son, after losing partial custody of her son in the U.S.

“La Brea” 9 p.m. NBC (new series) — When a massive sinkhole opens in Los Angeles, the Harris family is split in two. Eve and her son are sent to a mysterious primeval world.

“Impeachment: American Crime Story” 10 p.m. FX — Monica leans on Linda for support.

“New Amsterdam” 10 p.m. NBC — Max advises a young student at a science fair but encounters legal complications with her brilliant invention.


“The Chestnut Man” 3:01 a.m. Netflix (new series) — At a grisly murder scene sits a figurine made of chestnuts. From this creepy clue, two detectives hunt a killer linked to a politician’s missing child.

“No One Gets Out Alive” 3:01 a.m. Netflix — An immigrant in search of the American dream, after being forced to take a room in a boarding house, finds herself in a nightmare she can’t escape.

“The Goldbergs” 8 p.m. ABC — Adam is ready to leave the struggles of his high school years behind him but is distraught to discover he’s been waitlisted at NYU.

“Survivor” 8 p.m. CBS — Immunity challenges get interesting when a new idol is introduced that has a special twist.

Chicago Med” 8 p.m. NBC — Vanessa and Archer disagree on how to handle the victim of a motorcycle accident.

“The Wonder Years 8:30 p.m. ABC — While Dean reckons with his first taste of heartbreak and betrayal, the adults in his life are overly empathetic and assume his grief is from mourning current events.

“The Conners” 9 p.m. ABC — After Ben declines Darlene’s proposal, she starts to ponder why she tends to be so negative in life, prompting her to start a journey of self-discovery that leads to Pastor Phil.

“Chicago Fire” 9 p.m. NBC — A video of Casey from the roof rescue goes viral.

“American Horror Story” 10 p.m. FX — A group of college students on a camping trip are swept up in a horrifying and deadly conspiracy decades in the making.

“A Million Little Things” 10 p.m. ABC — Gary takes steps forward with Darcy and continues to distance himself from anything involving Peter.

“Rhodes to the Top” 10 p.m. TNT (new series) — A look at Atlanta wrestlers Cody and Brandi Rhodes.


“The Problem With Jon Stewart” 12:01 a.m. AppleTV+ (new series) — This new weekly show, accompanied by a regular podcast, will tackle one major issue per episode.

“Queenpins” 3:01 a.m. Paramount+ — Connie (Kristen Bell), a cash-strapped coupon cutter, decides to steal coupons from a printing facility in Mexico and sell them on YouTube.

“Ten Year Old Tom” 3:01 a.m. HBO Max (new series) — A youngster puts up with the bad influences in his life including litigious parents, drug dealing bus drivers and inappropriate band teachers.

“Unidentified with Demi Lovato” 3:01 a.m. Peacock (new series) — Lovato, skeptical best friend Matthew and sister Dallas search for the truth about the UFO phenomena.

“The Way Down” 3:01 a.m. HBO Max (new series) — Shamblin Lara’s journey from weight-loss champion to religious leader.

“Noted: Alicia Keys The Untold Stories” noon YouTube — The music star takes us inside the world of Keys through her journey from vulnerable young star, to self-empowered woman, musician and mother.

“Law & Order: SVU” 8 p.m. NBC — Benson and Rollins must contend with the FBI and the Organized Crime Control Bureau when a rape victim identifies a dangerous mobster as her assailant.

“Station 19″ 8 p.m. ABC (fifth season debut) — Relationships are challenged at Station 19 following Sullivan’s actions at Maya and Carina’s wedding, putting his marriage with Andy to the test.

‘The Price is Right Celebrates 50 Years” 9 p.m. CBS — The special will look back at the biggest winners, never-before-seen outtakes and a salute to Bob Barker.

“Grey’s Anatomy” 9 p.m. ABC (19th season debut) — As the city of Seattle revels at the Phoenix Fair celebrating the city’s rebirth post-COVID, the Grey Sloan doctors treat a patient who encounters illegal fireworks.

“Law & Order: Organized Crime” 9 p.m. NBC — Stabler’s loyalty is put to the test at work, and again at home when his mother unexpectedly shows up.

“What We Do in the Shadows” 10 p.m. Syfy — An ancient beast escapes and threatens the existence of all vampires everywhere.

“Big Sky” 10:01 a.m. ABC (second season debut) — The family of two young sisters who were abducted seeks the help of Cody and Jenny Hoyt.


“My Name is Pauli Murray” 12:01 a.m. Amazon — A look at the life and ideas of Pauli Murray, a non-binary Black lawyer, activist and poet who influenced both Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Thurgood Marshall.

“The Morning Show” 12:01 a.m. Apple TV+ — Alex is back on the show as the COVID-19 virus begins its spread in China.

“Cops” 3:01 a.m. Fox Nation (33rd season debut) — The first episode will be free to everyone.

‘The Many Saints of Newark” HBO Max — Young Anthony Soprano is growing up in one of the most tumultuous eras in Newark, N.J., history, becoming a man just as rival gangsters start to rise up and challenge the all-powerful DiMeo crime family.

“Maid” 3:01 a.m. Netflix (new series) — Margaret Qualley, as a struggling single mom with an abusive boyfriend, stars alongside real-life mom Andie MacDowell in this drama inspired by the bestselling memoir.

“The Guilty,” 3:01 a.m. Netflix — A troubled police detective (Jake Gyllenhaal) demoted to 911 operator duty scrambles to save a distressed caller during a harrowing day of revelations — and reckonings.

“Diana: The Musical” 3:01 a.m. Netflix — A Broadway version of Princess Di’s life.

“The Most Magical Story on Earth: 50 Years of Walt Disney World” 8 p.m. ABC — This special, hosted by Whoopi Goldberg, will take you on a journey spanning half a century and beyond at Walt Disney World in Florida.

“S.W.A.T.” 8 p.m. CBS (fifth season debut) — In the aftermath of his decision to speak out in the press, Hondo retreats to a quiet town in Mexico to reassess his life and professional future.

“Magnum P.I.” 9 p.m. CBS (fourth season debut) — As Magnum tries to keep his new relationship a secret and handles cases solo while Higgins is away, he is tasked with finding a single mom being hunted by two very dangerous gangs.

“Dynasty” 9 p.m. the CW (fourth season finale) — Blake and Cristal work together on the new obstacles threatening Blake’s senatorial campaign.

“Blue Bloods” 10 p.m. CBS (12th season debut) — As Danny consults a psychic to solve the murder of a young boy, Frank is at odds with the mayor over how best to protect the city from an uptick in crime following a high-profile shooting.


“Saturday Night Live” 11:29 p.m. Saturday NBC (47th season debut) — Owen Wilson hosts for the first time. Kacey Musgraves sings.

“Call the Midwife” 8 p.m. Sunday GPB (10th season debut) — Sister Julienne and Dr. Turner clash over whether to provide a private care service, and a distressing birth raises fears of another Thalidomide case.

“Celebrity Wheel of Fortune” 8 p.m. Sunday ABC — Andy Richter, Vanilla Ice and Caroline Rhea appear.

“BMF” 8 p.m. Starz — Detroit brothers Demetrius and Terry Flenory become powerful figures in a multistate drug and money laundering organization.

“Billions” 9 p.m. Sunday Showtime (fifth season finale) — The only info given is the show title: “No Direction Home.”

“Animal Kingdom” 9 p.m. Sunday TNT (fifth season finale) — It’s all hands on deck as the Cody family uses all their tools, tricks, and vehicles to pull of the job of their lives and settle all scores.

“The Walking Dead” 9 p.m. AMC — Maggie learns a survival tactic from Negan; Eugene’s group clears walkers.

“Scenes from a Marriage” 9 p.m. Sunday HBO — Jonathan and Mira reconvene, exploring the root of their connection but ultimately finding the source of their animalistic impulses.

“American Rust” 10 p.m. Sunday Showtime — Isaac’s new friend offers guidance on the vagabond lifestyle.

“The Rookie” 10 p.m. Sunday ABC — Officer Nolan and Officer Chen’s run-in with an infamous thief tips them off to a potentially big heist surrounding the Getty’s big gala event.

“The Walking Dead: The World Beyond” 10:06 p.m. Sunday AMC (second season debut) — Hope’s commitment to the future is tested. Iris and Felix meet a new group.

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