‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ recap: season 13 reunions part 2

Drew Sidora during the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" reunion part 2 that aired on Bravo May 2, 2021. BRAVO
Drew Sidora during the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" reunion part 2 that aired on Bravo May 2, 2021. BRAVO

Credit: BRAVO

Credit: BRAVO

Much ado about not much until Marlo Hampton shows up

This was not a terribly compelling part 2 reunion episode without anything revelatory. There was mostly rehash and some warmed-over confrontations.

Marlo Hampton did show up toward the end and throw some heat on her former friend Porsha Williams that will lead into part three next Sunday.

Drew vs. LaToya

LaToya Ali, during her first meeting with fellow newbie Drew Sidora didn’t like Drew’s wig and spoke to Porsha and others about it. Eventually, it got back to Drew.

Soon, the two were exchanging insults about LaToya’s failing marriage and Drew’s own issues with her husband. Despite a couple of moments where they had some vulnerable conversations, they’ve been largely frenemies this season.

“We’re both moms,” Drew says. “We both have three children. I feel like there is synergy there. But for whatever reason, we are never on the same page.”

LaToya says they kissed during the bachelorette party, which Kandi confirms. Drew denies it.

Kenya vs. LaToya

When LaToya arrived on the show, Kenya appeared to have a crush on her. They went everywhere together. They teased each other. They flirted. They seemed like super BFFs.

The other ladies sensed they had a real connection. Kenya denied they had done anything sexual.

But during the bachelorette party for Cynthia Bailey at the South Carolina beach house, LaToya necked with Kenya’s enemy Porsha. That changed the dynamic.

Kenya says during the reunion that LaToya did not have her back while the other ladies were attacking her for her during a meal in Charleston. “It hurt my feelings,” she says.

LaToya says she felt it was Kenya’s battle at that moment, not hers.

At one point after the beach trip, LaToya ― without prompting ― shared juicy gossip about Kenya’s tattered marriage with some of the other ladies that Kenya did not like, including Porsha and Drew.

During the reunion, LaToya tries to make excuses, leading Kenya to throw out this zinger: “You may be the youngest one here, but don’t try to be the dumbest one.”

Andy: “After watching you on the show, do you understand why people might see you as two-faced?”

LaToya: “100 percent.”

Kenya’s trip snafus

As host of the trip, Kenya brought her daughter Brooklyn along without telling any of the other ladies or giving them the same option.

She hadn’t spent a single night without Brooklyn up to this point and trusted nobody to do so.

Kenya is still defensive about it, saying if the other ladies really wanted to bring their kids, they could have done so.

But the other ladies noted that this was identified as a “girls trip” with an unspoken rule being that this meant no spouses or boyfriends and implicitly, no kids.

Kandi says she felt like Kenya used Brooklyn as an excuse not to have to deal with the ladies all the time.

As for ordering a lobster roll for herself and not getting anything for the other ladies, she acknowledged her inherent selfishness. This really peeved a “hangry” Kandi.

“I was so hungry, I was only thinking of myself,” Kenya said.

Cynthia’s Pandemic Wedding

Cynthia received social media criticism for holding such a large wedding during the pandemic last October. In fact, she had to hold it indoors because of rain with more than 200 people. Bravo didn’t even bring its crew inside, and the footage is from whatever camera crew Cynthia had hired for the wedding (a fact that Andy Cohen did not bring up.)

She again defended her decision and said nobody got sick.

She also didn’t invite her dad due to his past with her mom, and it put a strain on her relationship with her father. She says she agreed not to talk about him anymore on the show.

Kandi vs. Porsha

Since Porsha spread messy lies vis á vis Phaedra Parks about Kandi Burruss and her husband Todd Tucker a few seasons ago, the two women have had their share of ups and downs.

They seemed to be largely OK this season, and as Kenya notes, Kandi is capable of forgiveness in a way not everyone can be.

Marlo vs. Porsha

Marlo Hampton shows up late in the episode, post lipo and dressed scantily. She is bugged that Porsha stopped staying in touch with her after the South Carolina beach trip. She says they were once super close. Then they weren’t. Her resentments feel very real.

Earlier during the season, Marlo felt that Porsha wasn’t being upfront about sleeping with the stripper. Plus, Porsha seemed annoyed that Marlo made up with Kenya.

“It hurts me,” Marlo says. “I really thought we were friends.”

“This is exhausting because she knows exactly what she’s doing,” Porsha says. “She’s the one who created the issue between us. If she has an issue, it’d be great for her to tell me.”

This confrontation will continue in part three, and the preview shows them continuing to debate what happened that night in the “dungeon”-themed stripper party.

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