Steve Harvey’s stepson Jason Harvey launches Worldly fashion house in Atlanta

He unveiled his first fashion line at Magic City March 23.

TV host, author and entrepreneur Steve Harvey during his “Kings of Comedy” days became synonymous with silkened pinstripe suits in cool colors like peach, yellow and even green. During his “Family Feud” hosting duties in the 2010s, he opted for a more conservative look. More recently, Steve has been going for more cool stylish outfits that have had social media buzzing.

Atlanta-based stepson and fashion designer Jason Harvey is a fan of his stepdad’s fresher look.

“Pop has always been a fashion icon so to speak,” Jason said in a recent interview with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution introducing his new creative house Worldly. “With my mom (Marjorie) in the picture, she was able to modernize his look. Once the two of them brought on board their new stylist Elly Karamoh, they elevated him to a new level. My parents finally match and complement each other better.”

Jason’s first fashion line is called “Eden on Hush,” which he debuted March 23 with a fashion show at strip club Magic City using some of the entertainers to model the outfits.

“It’s such an iconic and legendary place for the Black community,” Jason said. “It was a little out there to choose that place, but I think we hit it out of the park. Even when it comes to the ladies who work the poles, I really wanted to give them a Cinderella night, to dress them in ways they would normally not.”

The 20 to 25 looks are a blend of Jason’s friend John Byrd-Olivieri’s classic aesthetic and his own more avant-garde feel. The garments are now available online and made to order at

“You get outfits that are both formal and street,” Jason said. “You can wear the dress to a nice formal dinner and then to the park the next day.”

Credit: CONTRI

Credit: CONTRI

He named his fashion house Worldly in part because growing up in church, some people would use the word “worldly” as an insult, saying he had gone “too far out.” So he wanted to “reverse this and make it a compliment. That’s how I’m receiving it at this point. We are of this world. We are our walking our own individual walks.”

This particular fashion line’s name “Eden on Hush” is a response to the pandemic. “It was such a dark time for everybody,” he said. “Given my spiritual background, I wanted to find a unique way to let that light shine, that sense of Eden. At the same time, the word hush means we wanted to quietly introduce beauty into this world. I’ve always had this costume-ish style that I think hurt me in the past. John helped me find a way to make this collection more functional and wearable to the consumer.”

Jason has spent the past decade in fashion mostly behind the scenes and for at time, he designed sneakers. This is the first time he is fronting his own clothing line and he hopes he’s taking his stepdad’s many lessons about business and life to heart, no matter how many times he has heard the same stories. “Even if you’re tired of the stores, you’re still processing them,” he said. “You still find yourself applying them.”

Credit: CONT

Credit: CONT

Steve Harvey showed up in Jason’s world when Jason was a teenager. He admitted it wasn’t an easy transition but Steve did eventually become his father in a real sense.

“It’s always nice when you have someone who doesn’t mind to step in and take on blended families,” Jason said.

Jason attended a military school freshman year of high school, moved to North Springs Charter High School in Sandy Springs sophomore and junior years before finishing his senior year as a home-schooled student. “Harvey Academy,” Jason called it.

He spent about three years at Morehouse College but set education aside after he got married and had kids. His parents, he said, have been patient and helpful on multiple levels.

“I’ve been able to learn so many business lessons from both my parents,” Jason said. “I’ve been able to cultivate relationships and connections through them.”



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