Shakira’s ‘Dancing With Myself’ seeking paid audience members over six days

Shakira's "Dancing With Myself" is seeking paid audience members.

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Shakira's "Dancing With Myself" is seeking paid audience members.

The shoot will happen in Covington at the Three Ring Studios.

Shakira is shooting a dance competition show “Dancing With Myself” in Covington starting next week and they need audience members.

The good news: audience members will be paid as extras.

The pay is $150 a day per person. You can sign up at

COVID-19 testing is still required. (TV and film producers are under strict COVID protocols through April 30.)

The shoot is happening at Three Ring Studios owned by Cinelease in Covington.

The international pop star with hits like “Hips Don’t Lie” and “Whenever, Wherever” went viral last year with her “Girl Like Me” dances, inspiring this series. She will host and is an executive producer.

The show’s concept: a group of dancers compete each week performing a series of high-energy dance challenges designed and demonstrated by the show’s celebrity creators, including Shakira.

Isolated in their own pods, contestants then have a brief time to learn the new routines, add their unique flare and then perform their hearts out in front of a live audience. As each round of the competition progresses, Shakira and her judging panel will provide instant feedback and encouragement, but, ultimately, it’s the studio audience that decides who is named best dancer of the night and gets to take home the cash prize.

There will be six days of shooting starting March 15.