‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ recap: season 13, episode 17

LaToya Ali (left) and Marlo Hampton (right) during the season 13, episode 17 of "Real Housewives of Atlanta" aired April 11, 2021. BRAVO
LaToya Ali (left) and Marlo Hampton (right) during the season 13, episode 17 of "Real Housewives of Atlanta" aired April 11, 2021. BRAVO

Credit: BRAVO

Credit: BRAVO

Drew Sidora throws out a serious accusation against LaToya Ali

Another weird sex scandal seemed to percolate during the latest “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

Drew Sidora accused LaToya Ali, who is getting divorced, of sleeping with Dallas pastor Prophet Anthony Lott.

Drew said Lott had been an “intricate” part of her family for many years but canceled a baby blessing Lott was supposed to do because of the rumor.

“Preying on the prophet. That’s what I think,” Drew told her hubby Ralph Pittman about LaToya. “Prophet Lott can no longer do the baby blessing. I don’t feel like it would be appropriate.”

LaToya, at a pop-up event Cynthia Bailey hosted for Black small business owners, is dumbfounded when Kandi tells her the news: “I took his six-week course for life coaching and all of a sudden he’s my [expletive] boyfriend?”

When Drew confronts LaToya about it, Drew self-righteously says, “Real lives have been affected.”

LaToya acts confused.

Drew: “I can’t have a conversation with someone who isn’t real.”

LaToya: “You don’t know what the [expletive] you’re talking about.”

Cynthia wonders why Drew is making such a big deal out of this. “Find someone else to christen the baby. Problem solved!”

Kandi Burruss is confused by Drew’s decision-making. Why should his private life interfere with a baby blessing? And even if LaToya did fool around with the Prophet, she feels Drew is over-reacting.

At the event, Drew keeps haranguing LaToya until LaToya gets up and leaves.

Later at a party at Moore Manor, Kenya Moore says of Drew: “She has to get off her high horse cos I have seen her do many things that do not make her look like a good Christian.” [Kenya is referencing Drew’s gyrating actions with the stripper on the South Carolina trip, which she later admitted to her husband.]

LaToya gets the Prophet on the phone and asks if he was supposed to christen Drew’s baby. “I was asked to be part of that but I never heard back from them,” he says. “There was some confusion concerning me advising you spiritually.”

Kandi asks him if he actually slept with LaToya. Prophet Lott said Drew’s assistant Danny was being “messy” and things got weird between him and Drew. He denied any intimate relations with LaToya. Drew had said LaToya had led to the Prophet ending an engagement. He says he was not engaged.

In other storylines:

Kenya Moore

Kenya, at Kandi’s tasting party for her latest restaurant venture, tells Cynthia and Kandi that her estranged hubby Marc Daly is coming to Atlanta for a court date and to see Brooklyn.

Kandi is befuddled, given his behavior, that she is merely seeking primary custody of Brooklyn but not a divorce.

Kenya refuses to believe it’s truly over despite all the evidence to the contrary.

“Why do I keep fighting if I feel that my husband isn’t fighting for me?” Kenya asks, addressing the Bravo cameras. “Because if I make the decision to divorce, it should be after I have tried everything. I just don’t think we’ve tried everything.”

She tells Kandi and Cynthia, “I’m scared to pull the plug.”

Kandi: “What are you scared of?”

A tearful Kenya: “What the future holds.”

Kandi later tells the cameras: “I’m not really sure why Kenya is holding on to this relationship. From the outside looking in, it doesn’t look like Marc wants to hold on to this relationship. Girl ― cut the ties and move on!”

Cynthia to Kenya: “At the end of the day, you’re going to have to not only put Brooklyn first, but yourself first.”

Later, after Kenya got breast reduction surgery from local plastic surgeon Chad Deal, she says Marc’s visit went well and he plans to come down more often to Atlanta to do marriage counseling.

Kandi: “Sounds positive!”

Marlo Hampton/Porsha Williams

At the tasting party, Marlo Hampton seems to almost over-apologize for her poor behavior at the last New Orleans party.

She has previously revealed she had hurt her back after her nephews jumped on her before the New Orleans trip, but Shamea Morton, through her own sources, heard Marlo had liposuction. She says, no, her appointment is in two weeks. “I don’t want anyone to attack me!” Marlo says, confused by the gleeful nature of Shamea’s accusation.

Porsha is annoyed because Marlo called her fake for not necessarily being upfront about Stripper Gate in South Carolina. She thinks Marlo is shifting blame for her “bad back” onto her nephews instead of admitting she got lipo.

After she makes a saucy comment, everyone around her high-fives Porsha. But Porsha refuses to high-five Marlo even though Marlo has her hand out.

Porsha: “She wants attention and I don’t want to give her credit.”

Later, at the pop-up event, Marlo comes over and purchases king-sized sheets from Porsha, which surprised Porsha. “I support her supporting my Black business,” Porsha later says. “Just stay out of my business!”

Oddball moment

Kenya, joking about missing the ability to “motorboat” her own boobs after surgery, causes mass confusion in Cynthia. Cynthia has no clue what “motorboating” is and LaToya helpfully demonstrates on her.

Trailer for next week

Drew Sidora’s oldest son’s biological father wants to meet him but does he even show up? Kenya’s hubby Marc is supposed to show up at a counseling session but doesn’t and she can’t even reach him by phone because he blocks her. There is another party where LaToya causes a scene.

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