Nancy Grace and her family test positive for COVID-19

Legal commentator’s 88-year-old mother landed in hospital while rest of the Grace family quarantines

Atlanta legal commentator Nancy Grace has tested positive for COVID-19 along with her husband, twin children and mother.

The Daily Mail broke the story Friday.

Grace told the publication that her 88-year-old mother, Elizabeth, who lives with her in Atlanta, began feeling lethargic, refused to eat and began coughing last week. Her mom tested positive Monday and landed in the hospital, where she is recuperating.

The other family members were tested Monday and found out Wednesday that they were all also positive for COVID-19.

Grace said she has a cough, flu-like symptoms and the loss of taste and smell. Her husband, David Linch, has severe headaches. Her 13-year-old twins, she said, have mild headaches and sore throats.

She exclusively told the Daily Mail: “We’re praying for my mom that she returns home as soon as she can. We’d like to thank the tremendous doctors and nurses who are taking such wonderful care of her. David, the twins and I, will continue to isolate at home while we recover and we look forward to Mom coming home as soon as we are all better.”

She added: “COVID is no joke; we thought we had done everything right. Please keep wearing masks, social distancing and stay safe.”

Grace, who spent many years at Court TV and HLN, hosts a daily radio show on SiriusXM and Fox Nation as well as crime shows in syndication and on Oxygen. She is a regular contributor to DailyMailTV.

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