Mama June estimated she spent $900,000 in a year on drugs

Credit: RODNEY HO/

Credit: RODNEY HO/

Her latest WE-TV reality show returns March 19

Atlanta’s “Mama” June Shannon has been a reality-show staple for more than a decade on two networks. Her latest show “Mama June: Road to Redemption” on WE-TV debuts tonight at 9 p.m.

She recently told Access Hollywood that she’s in recovery from drug addiction for 14 months. She also admitted to spending more than $900,000 in her final year of taking drugs including crack cocaine. She entered rehab with her boyfriend, Geno Doak, which was featured on the season 4 finale of her last reality show on WE-TV “Mama June: From Not to Hot.”

Shannon said she grew up around drugs and had family members with addictions. For many years, she used meth. She then switched to cocaine as a “pick me up.”

“It got to be crazy and an emotional thing,” she said, noting it was an escape. But the drugs got out of hand.

For a time, she abandoned her family and forced her daughter Lauryn “Pumpkin” Efird to watch over Alana Thompson, best known as “Honey Boo Boo” from the hit show “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” on TLC. She was known to be super frugal.

In 2016, Shannon underwent gastric surgery and lost more than 300 pounds, which was turned into a reality show. At first, it started out lighthearted and focused on her struggles to not regain the weight, but over time, her issues with drugs took center stage. She was arrested for drug possession in 2019.

Shannon said she’s helping others now recover from addiction.

“We’re trying to redeem our kids,” she said. “It’s a process.”


“Mama June: Road to Redemption,” 9 p.m. Fridays, WE-TV

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