FXX’s ‘Archer’ ending after 14 years

The animated series was created by two Atlantans in 2009.

Credit: FXX

Credit: FXX

The FXX animated series “Archer” is ending its run after 14 seasons.

The spy spoof, which began in 2009 on sister station FX, was started by Adam Reed and Matt Thompson, who ran Atlanta-based Floyd County Productions.

Reed and Thompson have pumped out 134 episodes to date with more to come starting Aug. 30 for the final season. FXX did not say how many episodes will encompass season 14 but in recent years, each season has been eight episodes.

The series has been nominated for nine Primetime Emmy nominations and has pocketed three awards.

Most of the key voices on the show over the years were from Los Angeles or New York including Jon Benjamin as narcissistic, arrogant spy Sterling Archer; Aisha Tyler as fellow tough-minded spy Lana Kane; Judy Greer as crazy personal assistant Cheryl Tunt; Chris Parnell as former comptroller and field agent Cyril Figgis; and the late Jessica Walter as Archer’s mom and former ISIS CEO Malory Archer.

But two key characters were voiced by veterans of Atlanta improv theater Dad’s Garage: Amber Nash as lusty ISIS HR director Pam Poovey and Lucky Yates as sadistic ISIS research head Dr. Krieger.

Credit: FX

Credit: FX

On Facebook, Nash wrote, “It’s a sad day. Having the opportunity to play Pam Poovey for the last 14 years has been a true honor! From her introduction in the first episode as Pam, the mousy director of HR to her rise as the stone cold unstoppably badass sex symbol she is has been epic to watch and even more fun to be part of.”

Note that “end” of an animated series doesn’t always mean forever. Both “American Dad” and “Family Guy” were canceled but were subsequently revived. In recent years, “Beavis & Butthead” and “Animaniacs” also made comebacks on streaming services.

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