Five highlights from ‘The Daily Show with Trevor Noah’ day two in Atlanta

Here are five highlights from the second “Daily Show with Trevor Noah” taped in Atlanta Tuesday at the Tabernacle:

1. Noah visited several Atlanta neighborhoods on Halloween. Virginia-Highland, he said, must be full of rich folks because they were handing out king-sized candy bars. He also stopped by Little Five Points and a party at Georgia Tech. “We got there late because there were no women,” he said. “I don’t know what happened.” He also checked out Decatur where “a lot of white people live because of all the ‘Black Lives Matters’ signs on the lawn.” A friend also took him to a party in Bankhead where he learned, “Don’t assume someone is dressed up only because it’s Halloween. That might just be how they dress. I met a guy and said, ‘You look dope! Are you Shakespeare?’ He said, ‘Nah... I’m a pimp!’”

2. Noah and Elon Musk: Musk’s recent purchase of Twitter gave Noah four minutes of joke fodder. “He’s scrambling to figure out how to make this work,” Noah said. “He’s going to start charging people $8 a month to have a blue verified check mark next to their name. He is hoping everyone else on Twitter makes terrible financial decisions like he did.” He also said if Musk wants equality, why charge anyone for the blue check mark. He then imitated Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech but said, “I’ll tell you all about it for $8.99 a month!” His solution: charge white people to say a notable racial slur. “It’ll be the most profitable company in history!” Noah cracked.

3. Dulcé Sloan explores Atlanta’s Blackness. Sloan, one of “The Daily Show” correspondents, is from Atlanta and she talked to Bem Joiner, culture curator and co-founder of the creative consultancy/brand, Atlanta Influences Everything, at his store The Pull Up in Ponce City Market. She asked him if Atlanta lives up to its reputation as a Black mecca. He said utopia is an exaggeration and makes it seem the city has no crime or poverty. But the city, he said, allows him to feel comfortable as a Black man. Atlanta, he noted, has a long history of Black success, a succession of Black mayors and four HBCUs. Then she went very inside Atlanta: “This street used to be very sketchy,” Sloan said, noting that no matter that Kroger tore down and rebuilt its supermarket there, it will always be nicknamed Murder Kroger, not Beltline Kroger. “We don’t care!” she said straight into the camera.

4. T-Pain jokes about himself. Floridian T-Pain, known as the man who popularized the Auto-Tune correction software 15 years ago, now lives in Atlanta. Noah noted that the rap star has been able to rebuild his life after the backlash from Auto-Tune caused him to fall into a major depression. “What would you do differently and why?” Noah asked. T-Pain’s answer: “Condoms.”

5. R.I.P. Takeoff. The show took note of the death of Takeoff, part of the Atlanta trio Migos, with a still photo of him at the end of the episode. Takeoff was shot to death in Houston earlier in the day.

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