Improving your posture does wonders for your health, experts say

How Stretching Can Ease Chronic Aches and Pains.Stretching is no longer something people are sticking to before and after a workout.Stretching can be difficult and if not done correctly you can hurt yourself while doing it. .From sitting down for work or binge-watching our favorite shows, the longer we sit the stiffer we get.Research has shown that patients with chronic pain and conditions have benefited tremendously from stretching.Here are some benefits as to why you should incorporate stretching to your daily routine:.Decrease fatigueReduce stressReduce muscle and joint painIncrease range of motion and flexibilityEnhances coordinationLowers risk of injuryImprove postureImprove sports performanceImproves circulation and blood flow

Poor posture is detrimental to one’s health, causing various problems from breathing issues to headaches. Improving one’s posture can lead to a healthier life.

“Many of my cases I have seen for pain and even increased fatigue can be attributed to our daily posturing,” said Michael Urban, senior lecturer and director of the occupational therapy program at the School of Health Sciences at the University of New Haven, to US News.

Here are the top five areas that may improve when posture is fixed, adjusted and improved.


Stress on the knees can occur in many ways, especially when there’s a malalignment of the spine or the knees.

“Over time, that malalignment can worsen the effects of arthritis by putting pressure on one part of the joint and causing pain,” said Dr. Chris Wolf, a sports medicine and regenerative orthopedic specialist at Bluetail Medical Group in Chesterfield, Missouri..


Poor posture puts stress on the muscles, joints and ligaments, which can lead to increased feelings of fatigue.

Investing in an ergonomic chair that focuses on back support and posture can help train the body to its proper alignment.


High blood pressure and varicose veins are a few things that can happen when one has poor posture. Extending the spine helps create and maintain good circulation.

“Sitting for long periods contributes to poor circulation, putting pressure on the spine, the pelvis and other vital organs like the bladder and prostate,” said Isa Herrera, a physical therapist in New York City.


Do you suffer from chronic headaches? Examine how you sit and sleep. Bad posture causes inflammation and tightness in the neck — a leading cause of headaches.

Jaw pain

TMJ — temporomandibular joint disorder — occurs when there’s a misalignment in the bite pattern.

“When the jaw joints are misaligned, they’re more likely to pop, lock, cramp or even go into spasms, resulting in jaw pain and difficulty chewing,” says Anne Bierman, a physical therapist and manager with Athletico Physical Therapy in the Chicago area.

Improving your posture

Bad posture is also linked to poor moods and mood swings, sexual dysfunction, shoulder pain, back pain, and more. Taking a moment to exercise your body and work on your posture will be beneficial in the long run.

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