5 multivitamins for men over 50

Study Says Supplements Can't Replace a Healthy Diet About 90% of Americans aren't eating enough fruits and vegetables. Many are tempted to supplement the lack of nutrients with pills and powders. 75% of adults take vitamin supplements. But according to science, this is no replacement for a healthy diet. The 'Annals of Internal Medicine' study revealed that supplements do not vitalize the body the same way foods do. Fang Fang Zhang, Study co-author, via 'Time' Vitamin A, vitamin K, magnesium, zinc and co

Nutritional needs evolve as you age, and men over 50 are no exception. One way to help ensure you get all the nutrients you need is to supplement your diet with a multivitamin.

While not everyone needs to take one — Medical News Today reported too much of some vitamins could be dangerous and warned of medication interactions — there are several reasons why taking them could be beneficial. They include supplements to support physical training, dietary restrictions, chronic disease or lessened absorption of vitamin B12, which is responsible for maintaining the health of the body’s nerve and blood cells and helps create DNA.

If some of these issues affect you, be sure to talk to your doctor, who can take blood tests to learn whether or not you need the nutrients and determine what, if any, supplements you need to take.

Should it be determined that you need vitamins, here are five multivitamins that experts and health websites say are great for men over 50.

Nature’s Way Alive! Men’s 50+ Gummy Multi-Vitamin

Among the key nutrients this multivitamin contains are antioxidants vitamins A, C and E. The gummies also have 100% of the daily value (DV) of such vitamins, Medical News Today reported. For zinc, also an antioxidant, and other B vitamins, the supplement gives 50% of the DV.

Nature’s Way vitamins are certified organic and GMP-registered by NSF International, a product testing and certification organization that protects and improves global health.

Centrum Multivitamin for Men

A variety of essential vitamins and minerals can be found in this general-purpose multivitamin. They include vitamin B12, zinc and vitamin D, which is necessary for immune function and healthy bones. For many nutrients, men will receive 100% DV from the supplement, but others, such as calcium and potassium, only offer 16% and 2% of DV respectively.

SmartyPants Men’s Formula Daily Gummy Multivitamin

Men can get 100% of their DV of zinc and vitamin B6, which is important for keeping the nervous and immune system healthy, according to Mayo Clinic. A solid amount of CoQ10 and omega-3, both for heart health, can also be found in these supplements.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-registered GMP facilities manufacture the products.

New Chapter Every Man’s One Daily

Verywell Fit reported New Chapter Every Man’s One Daily is the best multivitamin for men 55 and older, according to New York City-based registered dietitian Eliza Savage. The supplement is fermented with probiotics and whole foods. Men will receive 100% DV of vitamin A and C, vitamin B6 and zinc.

New Chapter products are independently certified organic and non-GMO and the company states “we test thoroughly and verify the identity of each product.”

Kirkland Signature Adult 50+ Mature Multi

According to Men’s Health, more calcium is contained in this bottle than Kirkland Signature’s general multivitamin, which is why it has the 50+ label. Receiving enough vitamin C and zinc will be no problem with this supplement, which contains 100% DV of those nutrients. However, it has only 17% DV of calcium.

Kirkland Signature is verified by the USP, which helps ensure the quality and safety of medications and foods.