Travis Scott offers to cover tuition for Morehouse freshman

5 things to know about Travis Scott He was born Jacques Berman Webster II in Houston, Texas. Scott has produced three studio albums, one collab and two mixtapes. His most recent album, "Astroworld," was released on August 3, 2018. He's been dating reality star Kylie Jenner since April 2017. As of 2018, Travis Scott's net worth comes to an estimated $8 million.

On Tuesday, rapper Travis Scott took to Twitter offering to pay the first semester of tuition for five students. The tweet received a lot of attention with more than 30,000 comments from students and others asking for assistance, but one student stood out among the rest.

Nasire Branch, a Morehouse freshman, tweeted in reply to Travis' offer, stating that he had lost out on many traditional high school experiences in his final year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“COVID has taken away my prom, my senior graduation, and my freshman year at Morehouse,” Branch wrote. “I have been listening to Travis Scott since my freshman year of high school and today (he) tweeted he wants to take care of 5 students tuition! This could change my life!”

The Morehouse freshman went on to say that he is a first generation HBCU student and plans to major in business administration. He emphasized that his family was doing all they could to get him through college. The rapper quickly responded saying that his mom always wanted him to attend Morehouse and offered to cover Branch’s tuition.

Scott also offered to pay the tuition of a first-year Howard University student but has yet to choose the remaining recipients. The rapper has made several charitable donations in the past. Last May, he offered to donate any profit from sales of his merchandise at a recent music festival to nonprofit Planned Parenthood, according to previous reporting from the AJC.

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