Kate Winslet reveals she almost died twice while filming ‘Titanic’

The actress reveals she got hypothermia and almost died on set

Two decades after its release, “Titanic” continues to be a staple of pop culture. Now, star Kate Winslet reveals she almost died not once, but twice, while making the film.

While the cast was filming the iconic scene of Jack and Rose on a door in the middle of the Atlantic, Winslet suffered from hypothermia. In an interview that resurface from 2017 Winslet shared with Stephen Colbert that she was “f****** cold.”

The Golden Globe winner also discussed getting injured on set, especially when it came to the running scenes. While filming a scene in which Jack and Rose were trying to escape a room while water filled the space, Winslet had her second brush with death.

The steps Winslet was standing on were made of wood, so they rose along with the water. When the scene was over, the crew and cast were let out, but Winslet’s jacket got caught on the iron bars. The actress told the Los Angeles Times she felt like she would “burst” because she had no breath left.

The Academy Award winning actress was almost not cast as the leading lady. Director James Cameron was initially looking at Reese Witherspoon and Winona Ryder for the role. Cameron said Winslet was determined to play Kate and said ”You are really mad if you don’t cast me,” according to an interview Cameron gave to Express.

For decades, Titanic fans have been perplexed by that door scene after all. Was there really not enough room on the door for two? Why did Jack have to die?

“The film is about death and separation; he had to die. So whether it was that, or whether a smoke stack fell on him, he was going down,” said Cameron.

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