Jordan Peele releases the final trailer for ‘Nope’

Oscar-winning writer-director Jordan Peele has released the final trailer for his upcoming thriller “Nope.”

“Nope” is about two people tending to their family ranch who encounter a mysterious force that affects human and animal behavior. Actress Keke Palmer stars in the film alongside Daniel Kaluuya — who starred in Peele’s “Get Out”.

Peele has released a few trailers for the film, however the third and final trailer does the best in encapsulating the plot of the film.

The brother sister duo try their best to capture alien activity on video, setting off a catastrophic chain of events that will leave audiences asking questions and wanting more.

Peele has remarkably taken his career into his own hands, first coming to the scene as a comedian. He gained fame as one half of the sketch comedy duo Key & Peele before establishing himself as a horror filmmaker. Peele has also served as producer on HBO’s hit “Lovecraft Country” and the revival of the “The Twilight Zone”.

“Nope” is set to be released on July 22, 2022.