Dirty soda has taken over TikTok and Mormon moms love it

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Thanks to a shop in Utah, there’s a new way to enjoy the seduction of fizz. The next time you want a soda you have to make it dirty.

Dirty sodas are a hot trend circulating social media. Pop sensation Olivia Rodrigo was seen posing with her dirty soda outside of Swig, a drive-by-drink shop in Saint George, Utah.

What’s so special about a dirty soda and why are celebs going crazy for them? Well, have you ever been enchanted by a root beer float, and the creamy texture mixed with the spice of fizz?

A dirty soda has the same effect, but with more... pizzazz. You start with your soda of choice, then add in a cream of your choosing, syrups and even fruit to truly make it unique. Dirty sodas are reminiscent of creamy Shirley Temples and root beer floats — but with more customization.

Dirty soda originated in the 2010s and became popular in the mountain west region of the country. The drink proved especially popular with Mormons, who typically refrain from drinking alcohol. Even those who stay away from caffeine are able to indulge in this tasty treat.

While Swig shops make their way across the country, those on social media we’re eager to get their hands on a dirty soda. The only problem was most didn’t live in Utah. So, Swig created a video on their TikTok to help inquiring minds create the drink at home.

While “sodies” — a social media term coined for soda fanatics — rush to the store to but the necessary ingredients, you too can jump on this soda trend. And remember: It’s not a soda until it’s dirty.