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Everyday Heroes: Cam T. Ashling

Community leader and activist

As the influence of Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) voters has dramatically increased in tight elections, every Georgia AAPI candidate and candidates seeking AAPI mobilization and votes requests Cam Ashling’s grassroots support and endorsement.

She’s an active and influential AAPI political organizer and supporter of AAPI candidates for local, state, and federal elections in Georgia.

Cam’s prominence in national and local media including ABC Nightline, New York Times, CNN, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and the Georgia Asian Times has amplified her voice and effectiveness in promoting AAPI issues in the mainstream media.

Credit: Photo Courtesy of Cam Ashling

Credit: Photo Courtesy of Cam Ashling

As an immigrant to Georgia from Vietnam at a young age, and as an Asian American woman with a thriving small business and young son, Cam is the dominant face and voice of Georgia’s AAPI politics.

“My mom was a daughter of a farmer and my dad was a city boy soldier when they met during the Vietnam War. I was born in a leaf hut south of Vietnam. Our family of four arrived in this country in 1988 with one suitcase as political refugees to Gwinnett County to escape communism and the communists who imprisoned my dad after South Vietnam lost. My parents became factory workers to slowly rebuild our lives in America,” says Cam.

She has a passion to lead and to inspire next generation AAPIs into politics.

“Our Asian American voices need to be loud and strong. If we are not at the table when important decisions are made, we get ignored and bad things happen to our community. Representation matters. We cannot afford to be discounted and marginalized. We are Americans, too,” adds Cam.

The significance of her work is illustrated by the dramatic increase in Georgia’s AAPI voter turnout in 2020 and 2021 as Georgia voted Democratic in the Presidential Election for the first time in 28 years (since 1992), and both U.S. Senate seats in Georgia were flipped from Republican to Democrat, providing the Biden Administration with a majority in the U.S. Senate.

Cam also played a key role in organizing a major AAPI protest rally at the Georgia State Capitol in the aftermath of March 16 Atlanta’s spa shooting. It was one of the largest ever recorded AAPI protest rallies in metro Atlanta with over 3,000 protestors to Stop Asian Hate.

“The March 16 spa shooting is our version of 911. It is a wake up call for AAPIs to be actively involved in community building. We have to seek justice for the 8 murdered victims, as 6 were Asian women targeted for execution based on their gender and ethnicity. This can never happen again. Not on my watch, not on your watch.”

Her biggest impact is her work in fundraising and launching political action campaign funds to support local AAPI candidates running for elections. Her work has resulted in 5 elected AAPI officials in the Georgia Legislatures in 2021-2022. She hopes to double that number this Nov. 8th.

“I have a message for young AAPIs. It is time for you to get involved and understand the issues affecting the community you are a part of and run for something. We need your energy and passion to drive the movement forward.”

Cam’s work ethic in her political organizing work not only includes strategy, coalition building and fundraising, but also extends to her joy of the groundwork in canvassing, speaking with voters one-on-one, and leading voter rallies with a megaphone in her hand.

Her passion and dedication were recognized by Georgia Asian Times. Cam was chosen as one of the 25 Most Influential Asian Americans in Georgia honorees for 2021 and 2022.

She is expected to have an impact on the upcoming 2024 elections at the local, state, federal levels as she will lead the AAPI organizing power, AAPI voters and uplift other marginalized constituency groups to the polls.


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