Who’s who

Allswell is a staffing agency registered in Coweta County that provides workers to Georgia-based automotive industry manufacturers. It was the employer of the Mexican nationals interviewed by the AJC. Allswell should not be confused with All’s Well, a healthcare staffing firm with branches in California, South Carolina, Nevada, Florida and Pennsylvania.

SPJ Connect is a labor recruiter based in Hogansville with offices in Mexico. It was the first point of contact for the workers interviewed by the AJC, and helped them apply for their TN visas.

Hyundai Mobis in West Point, Georgia is the auto parts manufacturer where five of the six Mexican nationals interviewed by the AJC worked. The plant builds chassis, bumpers and cockpit modules for nearby Kia, the only automobile company with a manufacturing facility in Georgia. A Select Georgia report from 2018 identified the Mobis plant as one of the top auto employers in the state, with nearly 850 workers