Science Festival comes to Atlanta

The Atlanta Science Festival runs Saturday, March 22, through Saturday, March 29, with more than 100 events scattered over 50 locations, many of them free. For information, 770-322-4992;

Prepare to be blinded by science.

The first Atlanta Science Festival begins Saturday with more than 100 eye-boggling events occurring simultaneously over eight days throughout the city.

You will see the flash of lasers, the smoke of liquid nitrogen and a few things that will blow your mind.

Like the cyborg drummer.

Jason Barnes, 24, an amputee with a robot arm, and his ensemble, will demonstrate the frontiers of robot/cyborg/human musical interaction at Kennesaw State University on March 22, the first day of the festival.

The last day, March 29, will be devoted to an all-day braniac Bonnaroo at Centennial Olympic Park, with more than 100 booths, demonstrations and performances, including a Makers Village, an introduction to killer plants and a tutorial on making your own scabs.

In between will be opportunities to encounter chemistry, geology, acoustics and many other disciplines in such events as “The Science of Beer,” staged at a West Midtown brewery, and a geek-friendly comedy show in Scottdale, “Journey to the Dork Side,” that dares ask the question “is there humor in mathematics?”

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