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Noodle-ish: A vegetable gets the noodle treatment at this metro Atlanta restaurant

The Glow Bowl at Flower Child. CONTRIBUTED BY HENRI HOLLIS

The Glow Bowl at Flower Child. CONTRIBUTED BY HENRI HOLLIS

Credit the spiralizer for bringing veggies-as-noodles to the mainstream.

One such noodle-ish dish, the Glow Bowl at clean-eats chain Flower Child, satisfies as we move from summer to fall.

Long ribbons of sweet potato are tossed with bok choy, zucchini, onion, jalapeno and shiitake mushrooms. There is so much crunch here, along with a back-end of warm heat, as well as soothing, cooling coconut milk.

ATLANTA 2019 - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution gets an inside look at how different restaurants present noodles. Sachiyo Nakato Takahara owner of Nakato Japanese Restaurant along with Fu Li Zhang owner of LanZhou Ramen and Bruce Logue, chef-owner, BoccaLupo all share a little bit about noodles. (Tyson Horne, tyson.horne@ajc.com)

Add a protein, if you wish (I’d opt for that nicely seared salmon), but, even without, the not-hot but not-cold Glow Bowl will have you feeling just right about the possibilities of spiraled veggies on the plate.

Flower Child. 3400 Around Lenox Drive Atlanta. 678-668-2271. Also, 6400 Blue Stone Road, Sandy Springs. 470-481-7850, iamaflowerchild.com.

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