For classic chicken noodle soup, make it Goldbergs

Chicken noodle soup with a matzo ball and bagel chips at Goldbergs Fine Foods. CONTRIBUTED BY HENRI HOLLIS

A noodle-themed dining guide wouldn’t be complete without mention of chicken noodle soup. And, Atlanta’s soup landscape wouldn’t be the same without Goldbergs Fine Foods.

ATLANTA 2019 - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution gets an inside look at how different restaurants present noodles. Sachiyo Nakato Takahara owner of Nakato Japanese Restaurant along with Fu Li Zhang owner of LanZhou Ramen and Bruce Logue, chef-owner, BoccaLupo all share a little bit about noodles. (Tyson Horne,

What makes Goldbergs’ chicken noodle soup better than Grandma’s? It starts with a rich chicken stock, the oily fat skimmed, leaving the broth fresh and clean. Then, there are all the hearty bites — cubed chicken, celery, carrots, and oodles of egg noodles (none overcooked or mushy) — ladled in perfect ratio with the liquid. Don’t forget that the whole pot is spot-on seasoned with salt.

This is a chicken soup that will comfort body and soul — with or without a round matzo ball bobbing in the bowl.

Goldbergs Fine Foods. Multiple locations.