Chuck Norris says chemical in MRI scan poisoned his wife, files lawsuit

Actor and martial arts expert Chuck Norris has filed a lawsuit against medical device makers, contending that a chemical used in MRI scans poisoned his wife.

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The lawsuit filed in San Francisco on Wednesday claims that gadolinium, which was injected into  Gena Norris for an MRI, left her weak and tired, with debilitating pain and a burning sensation, according to The Associated Press.

Gadolinium is a chemical used as a contrast medium in MRI's to help improve the clarity of the scan. The enhanced clarity through the use of gadolinium "allows the radiologist to more accurately report on how your body is working and whether there is any disease or abnormality present," Inside Radiology reported. The magazine also said the chemical does pose a risk for a small percentage of people, especially those with kidney disease.

The Norris lawsuit is asking for $10 million in damages, contending that the makers of gadolinium contrast agents and dyes have known the risks, but have not warned consumers about them, the AP reported.

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Norris said he has spent millions on medical bills for his wife’s illness.