A brief history of celebrities eating at Waffle House

On Tuesday, Chris rock did what many celebrities have done before him: He stopped at Waffle House for a bite to eat. (Photos from the meal appear to show Rock with the usual combination of hashbrowns, eggs, toast and waffles. The Buzz's Jennifer Brett has more here.)

Rock's appearance, including photos with employees, comes in the middle of a high-profile publicity tour for his new movie, "Top Five." But marketing stunt or no, he joins an established culinary tradition.

For example, last month, Alabama native Channing Tatum stopped at a Montgomery, Ala., WaHo. And in 2007, Kid Rock was arrested and sentenced to 12 months probation following a "brawl" at a DeKalb Waffle House.

Indeed, Waffle House maintains a list of celebrities who've eaten there, including:

After all, "Where else?" Brett wrote about Rock's choice. It's "the best place to go for a late-night snack!"

Are we forgetting any good "celebrities at Waffle House" moments? Shoot me an email or comment below.