Results are in: How’d your school do on the 2023 Georgia Milestones tests?

Search our interactive tables to see the latest ELA, reading and math results statewide.

Credit: Kelly Audette

Credit: Kelly Audette

On Friday, the Georgia Department of Education released data from the latest Georgia Milestones standardized tests. The new test results indicated some academic recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic, but gains were not equally distributed throughout the state by grade year or test subject.

In the tables, those percentages are shown for 3rd grade English Language Arts (ELA) and reading, and for 8th grade math. Percentages for 2023 are shown as well as for 2022, which the department considers the first post-pandemic testing year, and 2019, which is the last pre-pandemic testing year.

The tables do not include percentages from 2021 because there were too few students tested that year. The state did not administer tests in 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic.