Georgia Tech is also counting this week: Total enrollment reaches almost 40,000

The iconic Tech Tower on the campus of Georgia Tech.
The iconic Tech Tower on the campus of Georgia Tech.

Credit: Georgia Tech Institute Communications

Credit: Georgia Tech Institute Communications

Increase was powered by Tech’s much-touted online master’s program

This is the week for counting and tallying, and Georgia Tech has come up with some strong totals. The midtown school announced today its fall enrollment rose to nearly 40,000 students despite COVID-19. Overall enrollment is now at 39,772, a 9% increase over last year.

That increase was powered by Tech’s acclaimed online master’s program. Tech now enrolls 23,210 grad students, a 14% jump over last year. More than half of them, 15,664, are in online programs; 10,580 in computer science; 4,252 in analytics; and 832 in cybersecurity.

Undergraduate numbers edged up a bit 16,562 to students, including 10,322 from Georgia.

Tech is always quick to note how many Georgia students attend -- they constitute more than 60% of undergrads -- to ward off complaints in the Legislature that the school has become too difficult to get into for Georgians and admission quotas need to be imposed.

A failed bill this year called the “Keep Georgia Kids First Act” would have required research campuses, including the University of Georgia and Georgia Tech, to ensure that at least 90% of their early action admissions went to Georgia residents.

During a hearing in February on Senate Bill 282, sponsor Sen. Brandon Beach, R-Alpharetta, said, “It’s hard to get in Georgia and Georgia Tech. What I am asking on this bill is that we really look at how we can keep our kids here. We are sending too many kids to Alabama, Auburn, University of South Carolina, Clemson and so on." The bill did not advance, meeting with resistance from Tech and UGA, which both showed that in-state applicants enjoy an admissions edge over those from outside Georgia.

Tech saw increases in Hispanic or Latino (10.7%), Black (8.4%), and female students (10%).

In a statement, Tech also reported:

This year, Georgia Tech also enrolled an Institute record 1,150 new transfer students, 200 more than last year's fall class. Transfer students hailed from 213 different colleges, including 39 Georgia colleges and 43 community colleges. Through newly created transfer pathway programs, Tech continues to enroll significantly more first-generation students and students from underrepresented backgrounds.

Tech's fall semester enrollment increase comes at a time when college enrollment across the nation is declining, amid uncertainty during a major health pandemic.

“Despite the numerous challenges COVID-19 has presented, Tech remains incredibly healthy from an enrollment standpoint," said Rick Clark, director of undergraduate admission. “This speaks to the strength of our distinct brand, the long-term value of a Georgia Tech degree, and the immeasurable resilience of our students. At a precarious time for some colleges and universities, Tech continues to thrive in its role as a critical public good for our city, state, and nation."

- Georgia Tech

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