Atlanta Culinary Journeys

Food, like every form of cultural expression, is dynamic and ever changing. Traditional dishes take on new looks and flavors through the course of time and space. Nowhere is this more visible than in Atlanta, whose dining scene offers an array of international cuisines. But from Israeli to Italian, soul food to Senegalese, the dishes served in the 2020s are not necessarily the same as those prepared centuries or even decades ago in their place of origin. In this yearlong series, The Atlanta Journal-Constitutions's food and dining team explores the evolution of Atlanta's diverse food landscape. Through discussions with voices from the community, we learn how the food of our past has evolved and taken unique shape in a modern metropolis.

Kroger Recipe Center

From the foods we grew up on, to the latest trends from Atlanta’s restauranteurs, culinary inspiration is all around us. If you’re looking to break out of your routine, Kroger’s collection of more than 8,000 recipes is a great place to start. We’ve gathered a few of our favorites here to get you going on your culinary journey.