Tiffany Cory

Honorable Mention

Tiffany Cory

WellStar Kennestone Hospital

When a suicidal gunman opened fire at a Fed Ex location last spring, it changed the life of security guard Christopher Sparkman forever. Sparkman was shot in the abdomen and faced dozens of surgeries.

While working as one of Sparkman’s nurses, Cory stepped up to bring some sort of normalcy to such a rough situation. Although he was still in the ICU at the time, Cory and some coworkers helped put together a one-year wedding anniversary dinner for Sparkman and his wife. Cory and company enlisted help from others at the hospital. This included the hospital chef who baked a cake, and the gift shop staff who donated items for the couple. In the meantime, Cory and friends cleared out an empty office that had a choice view of Kennesaw Mountain. They draped tablecloths over tables and made room for Sparkman’s hospital bed, creating a romantic evening for the patient and his wife.

On the most rewarding part of her job:

“It’s probably when the patients tell you how much they appreciate you and tell you how much they see that you care. After helping patients through this awful time in their lives, it’s great seeing them get better and come back and visit. When they come back and share their experience with us, they’re always so thankful for us being compassionate.”

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