Lisa Jo Anderson, RN

WellStar North Fulton

Lisa Jo Anderson is a nurse who not only utilizes her medical skills for healing, she also uses her listening skills and intuition to advocate when she feels there may be “more” to a patient’s story.

Anderson’s manager, Elizabeth Hall relates that Lisa Jo had a minimally English-speaking patient that she had grave concerns about.

Lisa Jo Anderson (For the AJC)

While the patient was in Anderson’s care, Anderson began to also monitor the patient’s visitors and question them regarding the condition of the patient. Anderson’s intuition told her that something was profoundly wrong.

With careful and attentive listening, Anderson began to pick up on comments and attitudes that lead her to believe her patient might be in harm’s way. She stayed close and finally heard some comments that led her to report her concerns through the hospital chain of command. The appropriate authorities were notified and it was determined that the patient was indeed in peril.

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Thanks to Anderson’s intuition and listening skills, it was determined that the patient was being abused mentally and physically.

The abusive caretakers were also taking the patient’s financial means away which made her rely on their care even more.

The patient was found a safe alternate home and now lives safely.

Hall says, “Thanks to Lisa Jo she (the patient) is doing better health-wise and now is cared for by the appropriate groups versus those that came into her home.”

Anderson on the other hand considers it all a part of the job and feels that all nurses deserve recognition.

She says, “When I think of all the wonderful nurses out there, the ones that I personally know, admire and respect, and the thousands that I’ve never met, I am left speechless by the thought of receiving such an honor. I am grateful for the light that is shed on the nursing profession as a result of the awards celebration.”

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