September is a great time to buy these 11 things!

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​Labor Day weekend is just the beginning of the year's best deals season -- and it's a great time to buy a variety of items.

1. All summer apparel and goods

Labor Day weekend marks the end of the summer season, which means huge discounts on summer-related products -- from patio furniture to summer clothing. You can expect to see big sales from all large retailers, in stores and online, and even from designer brands. According to DealNews, "Neiman Marcus, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste and Calvin Klein were just a few of the name-brand designers that took between 20% to 86% off their apparel" during Labor Day sales last year. For more details, check out DealNews' Labor Day buying guide.

2. iPhones (Not Labor Day weekend)

Another September, another Apple announcement. But when it comes to buying a new iPhone, wait until that announcement comes! Once Apple unveils its new iPhone, the iPhone 6, along with previous generation iPhones, will be available on deep discount at all of the big retailers (Walmart, eBay, Best Buy). Check out Clark's guide to selling old gadgets if you're ready to upgrade and want to make some extra cash on your old phone.

3. Laptops

According to DealNews, laptop prices typically drop an extra 8% to 25% in early September.  The deal aggregator site says to check out Best Buy and eBay for deals on Macs, while the Microsoft Store will likely offer the best deals on Windows laptops.

4. Grills, outdoor appliances, patio furniture

As the summer comes to an end, look out for big deals on grills from Target and Sears. Check out Consumer Reports' Grill Buying Guide for tips on what kind of grill is best for you.

Plus, according to DealNews, prices on outdoor furniture are at their lowest during this time of year and sales will peak by Labor Day weekend. Also, check out Home Depot for deals on outdoor appliances like leaf blowers.

5. 32" TVs

According to DealNews' data, deals on 32" 1080p HDTVs hit their lowest price points in September. DealNews says prices should drop below $160 this month.

The only other TV to consider buying this month is an off-brand 55" 1080p LCD HDTV, which DealNews says "have been holding steady at $400 since the start of the summer."

Outside of those potential deals, wait until November for best TV buys. Meanwhile, check out Clark's TV Buying Guide.

6. Coffee

September 29 is National Coffee Day! So make sure you're on the lookout for discounts and freebies tied to to the coffee-lovers' holiday.

7. Holiday airfare

If you think it's too soon to begin looking for holiday travel airfares, think again. Clark says August can be the best time, but at this point, the earlier the better! If you wait too long, you could miss out on the best deals, as prices will only go up from here! Check out Today's Hot Travel Deals.

8. Cars

September can be a great time to find a bargain on a car as dealers get ready to stock up on newer models. As we approach the end of the year, car dealers want to reduce inventories of older models -- making it a great time for you to find big discounts. But remember, as inventories are waning, your options become more limited, so don't wait too long.

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