Does Georgia get bang for its economic development bucks?

By Scott Trubey, Shannon McCaffrey, Michael Kanell

Application by Emily Merwin

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Source: AJC analysis of Georgia Department of Community Affairs files

Every year, the state awards millions of dollars in “deal-closing” grants to entice companies to create jobs in Georgia. But an AJC investigation reveals the program is only partially successful. About half the projects the AJC analyzed since 2002 didn’t reach the full number of jobs promised. Though the state has notched some substantial coups with companies that not only followed through on the full amount, but exceeded the goal, there have been a number of duds. Browse all companies analyzed by the AJC, and sort by county or how they performed. The menu includes companies that delivered or exceeded the full amount of jobs promised and those that didn’t. You can also browse the companies that either had state funds returned for failing to meet certain benchmarks, or by grants that were recovered before state money was spent.

The jobs information below reflects the total recorded by state officials at the time the grant files were officially closed.