Peach State Federal latest Georgia credit union offering help to furloughed workers

Peach State Federal Credit Union has joined a number of credit unions in Georgia that are offering financial aid or support to furloughed federal workers.

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Among the institutions offering help to the furloughed:

— Peach State Federal Credit Union is offering zero-interest loans that, under certain circumstances, could be as much as $6,000.

— Associated Credit Union has been offering a zero interest loan up to $750.

— GeoVista Federal Credit Union, which includes military and civilian personnel at Fort Stewart and Hunter Airfield, is offering zero percent interest on loans for the next 90 days.

— Glynn County Federal Employees Credit Union will allow members to delay loan payments for a month if the government shutdown extends to Jan. 14.

— Kinetic Credit Union, which includes many civilians employed at Fort Benning, is offering loans of up to two weeks of net pay. The loans would be at zero percent interest for the first 60 days.

Furloughed members who are not set up with direct deposit may apply for extensions on current loans or for new personal loans.

— United 1st Federal Credit Union, which includes National Park Service employees at the Cumberland Island National Seashore, is offering a 30-day extension on outstanding vehicle or signature loans.

About 137,000 federal employees live in Georgia, according to the National Treasury Employees Union.

About one-fifth of Georgia's federal employees belong to a credit union, according to the Credit Union Affiliates, the umbrella organization, which represents credit unions with membership of 2.1 million.