5 things to do before bed to land the perfect gig


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5 things to do before bed to land the perfect gig

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Dressing for success and other interview advice will be provided.

Securing the perfect gig demands a well-rested mind, and these five preparatory steps will help you get stress-free and focused before the big day:


Store career highlights relevant to the position and share them during the right time of the interview. While ironing clothes or searching for the perfect shoes, organize your thoughts into groups of key points — similarly to a PowerPoint presentation. Know exactly what you want to divulge, then do so eloquently.

Role play

Capitalize on brushing and flossing teeth time by watching yourself answer potential interview questions. Sounds silly, but it actually works. Rehearsing your responses to questions helps identify if you're facial expressions are awkward or not. This quick exercise also hones public speaking skills. Remember: Look employers in the eye and smile.


No, not the Teyana Taylor type of workout. Relaxation techniques like meditation, deep breathing and yoga can reduce interview jitters and boost confidence. Avoid those sudden "fight or flight" feelings by finding a comfy room to relax in and start focusing on executing the interview with hiring results.


Don't wait 'til morning to strategize on hair and wardrobe. Need a haircut or hairdo? Get it done a day or so earlier. The night before, have your portfolio and physical presentation already arranged. By morning, take simple steps: dressing, eating breakfast, then heading out the door in ample time.


Three words: Go to bed. Get some early shuteye, so you're not dragging around in the morning. Also, make sure to set your alarm ahead of your normal scheduled wake-up call to prevent rushing. And if you're having trouble falling asleep, give herbal tea, cherry juice, warm milk or counting sheep a try.

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