These metro Atlanta companies are hiring entry-level workers right now

Do you have limited experience and are looking for a gig in metro Atlanta? Check out the five entry-level jobs below available right now, according to

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Accounting Principals

Where it is: Atlanta

What it is: Entry level staff accountant

What you do: Create weekly and monthly reports, develop balance sheets, income and financial statements, and post journal entries.

What you need: Bachelor's degree in accounting is required as well as an extensive knowledge of accounting.


Where it is: Atlanta

What it is: Entry level civil engineer - structures

What you do: Design and create engineering drawings, follow the processes and apply them to operating systems, use construction methods to develop well constructed products.

What you need: Some experience is needed with a bachelor's of science in engineering; however, no experience is needed if you have a master's degree.

Insight Global

Where it is: Atlanta

What it is: Business operations specialist

What you do: Check accounts and billable items for accuracy, manage certain aspects of human resources and the revenue cycle and maintain a great relationship with clients.

What you need: Bachelor's degree in public relations, finance, or business administration is required. Additionally, strong data entry and math skills are encouraged.

Phoenix Integrated Store Consultants, Inc.

Where it is: Atlanta

What it is: Account manager (sales, marketing, & business development)

What you do: Manage daily marketing and sales, oversee media planning and client requests as well as manage client's activity and return on investment.

What you need: Bachelor's degree and leadership experience is required. A sales or marketing internship is preferred.

Star Publishing USA Inc.

Where it is: Atlanta

What it is: Material management specialist

What you do: Easily and quickly understand a complex system and effectively communicate regularly with the parts manager at particular dealerships.

What you need: Experience in supply chain, warehouse, and inventory management as well as strong communication and problem solving skills.