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5 signs you’re underpaid, according to career experts

5 Signs You're Underpaid 1. Your company's website has a similar job listing with higher pay Searching your company's job listings can give you an idea of whether or not you should be paid more. Use this to your advantage as leverage. 2. Your company's revenue is skyrocketing, but your income hasn't budged If your company is booming and you aren't getting a piece of the pie, you should definitely argue for a raise. 3. You make less than your colleagues, even though you have similar ed

Do you think you’re underpaid at your job? According to job search site, only 19 percent of American workers are satisfied with their earnings, and more than half reported they’d need an additional $6,000 to really feel comfortable.

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Personal finance resource GOBankingRates reached out to a variety of career experts to dive into some of the tell-tale signs employees are underpaid — and how to handle each situation.

For example, if you notice your colleagues are making more than you for similar work, Sallie Krawcheck, co-founder and CEO of digital investment platform at Ellevest, advises employees to seek one-on-one meetings with the big boss way ahead of your pay review meeting.

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“Ask for specific numbers — how many new clients, completing which project by what deadline, how many hires, etc. — so when it comes to review time, there’s no room for disagreement,” she said. Clarity is your goal,” Krawcheck said.

Here are some surefire signs you may be underpaid, according to GOBankingRates:

1. Your colleagues are making more than you for similar jobs.

2. They’re also getting promotions, while you aren’t.

3. While you’ve developed new skills, that hasn’t earned you a raise.

4. Your boss doesn’t follow through when he or she gives you the impression that attaining certain goals or projects will lead to more pay.

5. Your company's website has a similar job listing with higher pay.

Other tell-tale signs may include:

  • Your income hasn't increased, even though your company's revenue is skyrocketing.
  • Even though your pile of responsibilities is much higher, your pay has remained stagnant.
  • You're satisfied just being employed.

Want to know how much you're worth in your industry? There are multiple websites that offer insightful data on salary per industry, Krawcheck said. Consider or

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